The Skylla Support Fund is a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation founded in the state of Texas on December 7th, 2012. The mission of the Skylla Support Fund is to provide financial aid to select charities supporting the greater social good of the communities in which Skylla Engineering provides services.

Continue to provide meaningful support through personal participation, catalytic leadership, awareness building, and financial commitment.

Recipients – We conduct a rigorous analysis of all organizations selected for potential contribution. Our selection process allows us to gain a confidence in our selected recipients. This confidence in mission and purpose allows us to dedicate our time and resources knowing that they will not be squandered and will only go to a greater good.
People – We recognize and treat all people as equals. We know that at some point in time most people may need some help. We do not penalize people for requiring assistance, instead we attempt to help by socializing ideas for assistance and then turning our ideas into action to help those in need.
Community – We do not sit idle discussing communities where we serve in their current state. We look toward a brighter future and attempt to contribute by conducting research, building plans, and effectively executing these plans for the benefit of the communities.
Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, attempting to demonstrate honesty and fairness in every action we take. We commit to help others and in doing so we are uncompromising about the truth and the fulfillment of our obligations and commitments.